The thing is…. Most of my best friends live states away. Và I’m REALLY BAD at any form of communication that isn’t face-to-face. I’m really really terrible at it.

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and there’s one person in my life that is constantly throwing the ball in my court, even when it sometimes just kind of bounces off of me và rolls back lớn her side. She is hands down one of the most important, influential people in my life.

In fact, whenever I listen to that Dave Barnes song, “God Gave Me You,” her face is the one I think of when I hear the line “you’ll always be love’s great martyr, và I’ll be the flattered fool. & I need you.”

Her name is Claire.

When I first met her, she was a tiny little gal. Sassy & silly and sometimes scary, but so cute & so fun. And now she’s gone from being this little tiny fireball to lớn this beautiful grown up fireball.



So a few months ago, Claire was driving through town & we were able khổng lồ catch up briefly. Time with her is always too short, because she is wise beyond her years & pee-your-pants hilarious và such a joy lớn be around. It was right before I took a leap of faith và told Ryan I liked him, & Claire was there to lớn get caught up on the whole thing – which almost had me at my breaking point.

Shortly after she returned to school, she sent me one of the most heart-filled, beautiful collection of words in the khung of a letter. Claire’s a word person. Lượt thích she will out of the blue send me a text message that sometimes makes me fall lớn the ground because it is full of love and affirmation. So then all the Ryan stuff happened and I kind of texted her about it, but I refused lớn even begin to overshare any part of it because I wanted lớn tell Claire. In a letter. With words I have to lớn carefully choose because my hand would get too tired if I constantly started re-writing the letter because of a poor choice of words, you know?

I was scrolling through the Blogging for Books site, looking at the different books that were available to đánh giá and I saw this book, The World Needs More Love Letters All-in-One Stationery & Envelopes

. Let me tell you, I was on that like stink on poo. As I anxiously checked the mail every day, I kept thinking “Claire.” Then when I opened the envelope I thought “Claire.” One of my favorite parts of the package is the prompts of love letters listed inside of the covers.

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Some of the prompts were very couple-related, so I decided to lớn come up with a danh sách of prompts to help you send your best friends a little lưu ý telling them you care. The stationary in this book is perfect for this kind of thing. You tear out a page and it has everything you need. One side is lined for the letter, & the other side has a line for the address. You seal, stamp và send. There’s actually no excuse for me lớn not write khổng lồ Claire, ESPECIALLY now that I’ve compiled this list.

30 Love Lettersto Send Your Best Friend.

Your very first memory of themA danh sách of your inside jokesYour most favorite thing about themSomething that always reminds you of themAn acrostic poem using their nameWrite out your favorite memorySomething about them that makes you proudTry khổng lồ come up with a danh mục of places you’ve been togetherRecord a few ways that you’re radically differentWrite out a playlist for them. Bonus points if you send an iTunes gift thẻ for them to purchase the songs with.Send them a collection of funny jokesDream big for them: tell them where you see them being in 20 years.Send them a menu of your favorite Bible verse references. Just the references. Let them look them up.Create a Word tìm kiếm with words that are important lớn youSend them words of bravery in an area of their life that they are fearful.Make a portrait of them.Share with them ways they have changed your life.Write a short story with them as the main character. It can be goofy or symbolic.Make a danh mục of things you’ve learned from your best friend.Smudge the parts of your meal on the paper and send it khổng lồ them so it’s like they ate with you. Write about the meal on the paper.Find a picture of the two of you & send it without any explanation.Compile a menu of words that describe your best friend.Thank themagain for things you’ve already thanked them for.Make up a TV show featuring the two of you. What would the premise be?Write them a poemLook for their name in newspapers/magazines & make a collage of their name.Identify their strengths and encourage their weaknesses.Share with them a deep dark secret that they don’t even know about.Gratitude is the ultimate spirit lifter. Write down thirty things you are thankful for today và share it with your best friend*Turn them into items on a restaurant menu and write clever descriptions. Bonus points for pictures.

Claire is one of the loudest love lettersGod has ever sent to me, & I am so grateful for her grace with my communication slacking, her commitment khổng lồ affirming her friends, and the joy she brings khổng lồ my life.

The world definitely needs more love letters. More love letters like Claire.

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I received this book from theBlogging for Booksprogram in exchange for this review.