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Learn how khổng lồ apologize in Vietnamese – fast and accurately! makes it easy for you to lớn make amends. Start with a bonus, và download your miễn phí cheat sheet – How to lớn Improve Your Vietnamese Skills! (Logged-In member Only)

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1. Common Ways to lớn Say Sorry in Vietnamese


Nobody’s perfect, not anywhere in the world. Everybody makes mistakes, and does & says regrettable things. Then it’s time to lớn apologize, as saying ‘I’m sorry’ is not in vain. It can be very healing! Did you know that hearing a sincerely-meant apology can have a noticeable effect on a person’s body? Research has shown that it slows down breathing and heart rate, & even causes a drop in blood pressure.

Sometimes we cannot fix what’s broken, but we can make the experience a bit easier for anyone who suffered on tài khoản of our thoughtless actions or words.

Here are a number of ways khổng lồ say sorry in Vietnamese. In any language, just make sure you really mean it! An insincere apology will not go down well with anyone.

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Tôi xin lỗi.I’m sorry

These words should precede anything else you have to say. Use them sincerely and whenever you are clearly in the wrong. Acknowledging your guilt and apologizing for any wrongdoing will lift your spirits too! Often, remorse can eat away at us, and a simple ‘I’m sorry’, in Vietnamese or any other language, can mở cửa the door for forgiveness và resolution of a bad situation. It can be a true gift!

Tôi mong xin lỗi.I would like to apologize.

This is a slightly more formal way to say ‘I’m sorry’ in Vietnamese. Use this phrase if you’re addressing your superiors and/or elders.

Tôi thành tâm xin lỗi.I sincerely apologize.

If you feel strongly about your apology, this is another slightly more formal phrase to lớn use. Keep it handy for graver errors, or you might come across as insincere!

Tôi đã không thao tác đó một đợt nữa.I won’t vì chưng it again.

A promise you can only make if you intend to keep it! Few things feel as bad as having lớn hear repeated apologies from someone for the same behavior – it means the ‘sorry’ is not sincere. Don’t be that person!

Tôi sẽ đảm bảo an toàn không mắc sai trái này một đợt nữa.I’ll make sure not to lớn make this mistake again.

A beautifully strong phrase! Again, say this only if you mean it – not just in the moment, but always! A bit more formal, this is an especially good phrase to use when apologizing khổng lồ superiors and/or elders. It will make an especially good impression at the workplace, where accountability is an excellent chất lượng to display!

Tôi không có ý đó.I didn’t mean that.

This is a tricky one… What did you mean, then?! Clear up any confusion with sincerity. Also, use this phrase only if the harm done or mistake made was due khổng lồ an accident, và then admit to lớn thoughtlessness on your part, if appropriate.

Đó là lỗi của tôi.It’s my fault.

If the fault is really yours, own up khổng lồ it. You will gain respect in the eyes of others! However, don’t take the blame when it’s not truly yours. It won’t be good for you, và ultimately you will not be respected much for it.

Tôi xin lỗi bởi đã ích kỷ.I’m sorry for being selfish.

This is a good phrase lớn keep handy, especially for your close relationships. It is difficult khổng lồ admit you’re selfish, isn’t it?! However, it’s good khổng lồ know when lớn be honest. We get used lớn our loved ones, which often means we forget that they need our good manners and unselfish behavior just as much as strangers do.

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Tôi hy vọng bạn tha thứ mang lại tôi.I hope you will forgive me.

This is a polite và gentle wish that can smooth over many harsh feelings. It also shows that the other person’s opinion & forgiveness are important khổng lồ you.

Tôi xin phụ trách đầy đủ.I take full responsibility.

This strong statement is similar lớn admitting that an error or transgression was your fault. It speaks of courage và the willingness to lớn take remedial action. Good one to lớn use…if you mean it!

Tôi đã không nên làm điều đó.I shouldn’t have done it.

This phrase is fine khổng lồ use if you did or said something wrong. It shows, khổng lồ an extent, your regret for having done or said what you did, và demonstrates that you understand your role in the mistake.

Xin lỗi vì đã trả tiền lại cho mình muộn.Sorry for giving your money back late.

It’s rotten to have khổng lồ loan money! Yet, it’s equally rotten to have lớn ask for the repayment of a loan. So, vị your best not to pay late in the first place, but if it can’t be helped, this would be a good phrase khổng lồ use!

Xin chớ giận tôi.Please don’t be mad at me.

Well, this is not a very advisable phrase lớn use if you are clearly in the wrong. If someone is justifiably angry with you, asking them not to be mad at you would be an unfair expectation. However, if you did something wrong by accident, and if the consequences were not too serious, this request would be OK.

Xin lỗi tôi tới trễ.Sorry I’m late.

Punctuality is valued in most situations, but if you really cannot help being late, then apologize! This way you show respect for your host, & win their approval.

Tôi xin lỗi bởi vì đã gồm ác ý với bạn.I apologize for being mean khổng lồ you.

Acknowledging your own meanness towards someone is no small thing, so good for you! Use this apology only if your intention is to lớn seriously address your mean tendencies, or these words could become meaningless over time.

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2. How to Refuse Something Politely in Vietnamese


Congratulations! Now you know how khổng lồ apologize in Vietnamese! After you have apologized for a mistake, focus on fixing whatever you can, và don’t punish yourself over something that cannot be taken back or reversed. That’s healthy for you! Regret can eat away at the soul, và even destroy it. It is ultimately a useless emotion if it consumes you.

However, in language, we use apologies not only when we’ve transgressed or made mistakes. They come in handy in other situations too, when there has been no wrongdoing. Sometimes we need khổng lồ express regret for having to lớn refuse a gift, an offer, or an invitation. This can be somewhat tricky. Learn from specialists at about how to use the correct Vietnamese words for this kind of ‘sorry’!

3. Survival Phrases “How khổng lồ Say Sorry”


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