Where do you work/where are you working

What are the main purposes to ask someone "Where vì chưng you work?" apart from to lớn find out the type of place he or she works in?

I can answer:

I work in a shop. I work in a hospital. I work in an office.

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But what other things can (or should) I use as a reply lớn this question?

Extra question:

sometimes I see

I work at a shop. I work at a hospital. I work at an office.

What"s the difference between "at" và "in" in this case?



Speaking from an American-culture perspective, instead of a purely grammatical perspective, when someone asks you where you work, they are trying lớn get khổng lồ know you. It"s an invitation to xuất hiện up & tell them about yourself. If you say something short like "I work at a hospital" and leave it at that, you are telling them that you don"t really want to lớn talk khổng lồ them.

Of course this all depends on context. It"s possible that they just want directions khổng lồ your place of business.

edit: khổng lồ answer the second part of your question:

You can say "I work at a hospital" & "I work in a hospital". Both are equally correct.

You can say "I work at McDonalds", but it"s incorrect to say "I work in McDonalds".

You can say "I work in thành phố new york City", but it"s incorrect lớn say "I work at thủ đô new york City".

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You can say "I work in medicine" but you can"t say "I work at medicine".

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Typically when somebody asks where you work, they want lớn know what company you"re working for. You"d answer with the name of that company, not just the type of place. If you worked at a hospital and answered somebody asking you that question with

I work at a hospital.

Most likely they"d follow up with "Which hospital?", since just working "at a hospital" doesn"t really tell them much. So tell them the specific place, for example,

I work at Mount Sinai (Hospital).

If you don"t work at a particular place, say, if you"re a contractor or self-employed, then answer with that instead, because there is no "where".

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Using at or in depends on the place in which work. If you are part of a government, you can say I work in a government service. If it is a small shop, I would prefer, I work at a shop.

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