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As we celebrate Read a Book Day (6 September), let"s escape into the world of fiction or non-fiction and learn something new. A great day for encouraging others lớn read a book & share the different benefits that are associated with reading, which is listed below:


1. Reduces stress & helps you relax


Just letting yourself get lost on a good book is the greatest escape from the worries và stresses of the everyday world. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex showed that căng thẳng is reduced up to lớn 68% just by reading! So, when you feel găng just grab a book & be engrossed in the story lines & allow your mind and body toàn thân to relax.

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2. Improves your concentration & memory


Not only should we bởi physical exercise to lớn be healthy, we also need to vì some mental exercise that will push our memory và focus to lớn the limits. Reading is the best mental exercise for us, and you have to lớn remember different characters, settings, plots, twists, and connections. This will strengthen your memory & concentration because all of your attention is focused on the story.

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3. Vocabulary expansion và strengthens your writing abilities


Reading a well-written book will expose you to lớn more words, và this will help you be a better communicator. Rather than just saying that you are sad or not in the mood to lớn people, you can say you’re anxious, tired, irritated, frustrated, or weary. Because even though all those words can be described as sad, each needs a different solution. Increasing your vocabulary, communications skills, & being exposed khổng lồ different writing styles will help improve your writing skills.

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4. Enhances your knowledge 


When you read recipes, magazines, newspapers, articles, or books, your head will be filled with information. We never know when it will be useful, but having all this information might come in handy in the future. 


5. Increases your imagination and creativity


Reading sparks imagination và creativity, being immersed in a new world và characters. This will nurture your brain lớn develop ideas, possibilities, understanding, and be more xuất hiện to hearing the opinions of others.