Type 1 Conditional Sentences


Do the exercise below on conditional type 1 and click on the button to kiểm tra your answers.

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(Before doing the exercises you may want to lớn read the lesson on conditional sentences )Choose the correct answerIf I study hard, Ipasspassedwill passwill not passwould passwould have passedthis year"s exam.If the weather is fine, wegowentwill gowill not gowould gowould have goneon a picnic.If Igogoeswentwill gowould you have gonewentto Paris, I will visit the Eiffel Tower.If they don"t invite me, Igowentwill gowill not gowould gowould have gone.If hegetsgotwill getwould getwould have gotmy email, he will send the information we need.If she travels khổng lồ London, shevisitsvisitedwill visitwouldl visitwould have visitedthe museums.If Igetgetsgotwill getwould getwould have gotthe money, I will buy a smartphone phone.If you make trouble, Isendsendswill sendwould sendwould have sentyou to lớn the principal.IfIhavehadwill havewould havewould have hadenough time this evening, I will watch a movie.If he has money, helendslentwill lendwould lendwould have lentme what I need.

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